Ashley Sheehan (Owner of OMG) is giddy to announce the addition of personal styling and interior concierge services to our bag of tricks! (Don't let the word concierge scare you, it's just a fancy way of saying we're really good at shopping but we're not officially licensed, badge carrying interior designers). More importantly, it means we work on the most basic of premises, people want to surround themselves with lovely things, but don't always have the time to find them.

Being featured in both the Southern Living and Lucky Shopping Guides for Nashville (not to mention owning our own shop) gives us in house access to wardrobe, jewelry and tons of vintage props! And when it comes to the space you call home or work, we've helped many of our customers create interiors that beautifully reflect their style and budget. We've been lucky enough to have worked with our good friends at Jackalope Brewery and Barista Parlor, so commercial spaces of any size are our not-so-secret love.


  • personal shopping
  • closet checkup
  • private jewelry-making and custom-made jewlery
  • prop rental
  • interior decor for home and commercial spaces

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